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The strange to the familiar

Two people from the strange to the familiar, from the familiar to the unfamiliar ! Now see you, I feel very strange not know how to speak ! Overnight I found there is nothing we can talk ! There were many times want to talk to you do not know what to say ! Or not that good ! If you can not do your sole, then do nothing. Do not do some did not ! I’m not your pet, play happy, unhappy on the matter !

This does not bear it! This must be put down ! You have to find the other half ! I do not have any reason to stay in your side ! Time is really useful, I do not have pain, put away your sympathy, I do not need your pity, do not need your charity ! I had expected to, well prepared mind, and always be able to adapt without you. All along I did not fit you ! In fact, I did not let myself ! I can not be reconciled, the same is my own willing ! We do not tell between, also do not understand ! The past is the past ! Who also do the mention ! Now just you, put away your gentle ! Keep your sweet ! I do not need ! I quit your life ! You also do not appear in my world up ! My future has nothing to do with you ! You are not only my heart ! You’re not my most important person! Future for you and me, we are all the other unrelated people ! Have become in the past ! With the end of 2013 and the end!

I want to start a new life ! To greet the new year ! In the new year, in addition to good work, I want to treat my people love me, cherish everyone around ! For people over there, after blood, I will treat ! Next year will be a good year ! I look forward to ! Tomorrow will be a good start, now that I think God told me feel really good, work is not so sad before. Family mention, though a single parent, but I’ve never had a lack of fatherly love, relatively speaking, I might get more ! My friend is not a lot, but there are a few really good intimate sisters, along with my colleagues are pretty good, in fact, these will suffice ! Such is life ! Contentment !

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Дата первой публикации 07.01.2014

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