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The health knowledge of diet: Can improve the food of physique and mood
The diet, for recuperating life less than satisfactorily, it is very helpful for health or tile to paid attention to and injured. The network lists the food that can improve the mood, physique for you to keep in good health.

1, Should be eaten when the pressure is too big: A cup of low lipoprotein yoghurt or 2 soup spoons mix nuts. The yoghurt is one of the 2,6-diaminocaproic acid best food sources, the nut is rich in 2-amino-5-guanidinovaleric acid. 2,6-diaminocaproic acid and 2-amino-5-guanidinovaleric acid can reduce your worry. Shouldn’t drink: Soda.

2, Should be eaten while feeling sadness: Salad of spinach. Green leaves vegetables such as the beet and spinach, etc. are rich in B clan vitamin, help serum to usually wait for «hormone of good feeling «Formulation. Shouldn’t eat: White chocolate.

3, Drunk should drink after drinking: Orange juice. The fructose in the orange juice makes the alcohol supersession accelerate 25%. Vitamin C among them facilitates preventing the drunk cells after drinking from being damaged too. Shouldn’t drink: Soda.

4, Should be eaten while needing to improve the mental work: Blue berry. Many kinds of antioxidant in blue berry facilitate protecting the brain and avoiding the free radical to damage, and then lower the dangers of senile dementia and parkinsonism. Shouldn’t eat: Ice cream.

5, Should be eaten when energy is insufficient: Assorted kernel. The potassium that the raisins offer facilitates the body and transforms the candy into energy. The nut is rich in magnesium, magnesium is all extremely important to the metabolism, neural function and muscle function. Shouldn’t drink:

6, Should eat when being fat: Roast pigeon breast. Red meat and poultry’s albumen can offer energy, accelerate metabolism, has already satisfied craving, facilitate reducing weight again. And the high protein diet facilitates strengthening muscles and reducing belly Nan. Shouldn’t eat: Thick soup and much salt snacks.

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